Foster St, Bicheno

How to Charge

Please use the Wevolt app to initiate the charge. (The onboard credit reader is currently out of action.)

More detailed information on using the app is available further down this page below.

The Wevolt app is available from the App Store and Google Play.

Tasmania E. Coast


Unit safely used from footpath. Has onboard lighting for night use.
Park car either front or rear first to suit car charge port location.

Charge Types


1 x CCS 2 Plug and Cable (50kw Max)

1 x CHAdeMO Plug and Cable (50kw Max)


1 x Type 2 Socket (Bring your own cable)

Pricing & Payment

Visa and Mastercard.
$60 pre-authorisation which settles to lower amount used when your bank processes it.
Pricing subject to change.


CCS/CHAdeMO: $3 per session plus $0.64 cents per kWh


Type 2 Socket: $1 per session plus $0.64 cents per kWh


Public toilet amenities are nearby at two locations:

  1. Northern end of Burgess Street, Bicheno (300 metres/4 mins walk away)
  2. Northern end of Jetty Road (400 metres/5 mins walk away)

Some local food businesses also have toilets


In emergencies call: 000

Police, Fire or Ambulance

To report crime call 1800 333 000

Crime Stoppers

Notes on Bank Transactions

When you use this charger, a pre-authorisation amount of $60 will appear on your bank account statement. A short time following your charge session, this will disappear from your bank statement and the correct billing amount will be processed as payment for your charge session.

The time to settle varies depending on the bank that the customer uses and even the day or time of the charge session.

For example, if you charge your vehicle on Friday evening, the bank might not process the transaction until Monday and then your account might not reconcile correctly until the day after that. It sometimes takes even longer especially for accounts overseas.

Electrona has no control over the speed of this banking settlement. Rest assured, that we have never had to intervene in this process and in all cases the amounts will resolve correctly in a few days.